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Straw on Strawberries

Getting the Last of the Season Activities Completed for Next Year

I think this season was pretty good especially with plenty of lettuce in the early spring/summer along with some new additions including snow peas as well as radishes. Cherry tomatoes were plentiful as well as Roma tomatoes which led to plenty of sauces and salsas. Now it is time to clean up the garden and place straw on the appropriate plants to protect them through the cold winter. (more…)

Early Tilling for Spring Plants and Seeds

I got some tilling done yesterday which is mainly for the spring plants that I will be placing outside.  Lettuce is one of those plants and the rest are going to be from seed.  I will plant seeds of peas, radish, celery, and potatoes. (more…)

Fruit and Vegetable Seed Planting Indoors

It looks like that it is that time already to begin planting the main part of the garden indoors.  Starting indoors I find to be the best solution for getting ahead of the game.  Although space is limited I am still able to grow quite a bit before Spring weather arrives. (more…)

Both Potatoes and Strawberries Arrived Today

I wasn’t expecting my new plants to arrive today because it is still early in the season and it has not warmed up to weather suitable for planting them.  Luckily I probably could plant my potatoes because they will be placed in the ground protected by the soil.  I could possibly plant my strawberries and when cold weather occurs I can cover them with row covers or similar material. (more…)

Picked Some Strawberries This Week

One of the good things that happened this week was a harvesting of just a few strawberries.  I wasn’t sure if there were going to be many berries this season, but there was enough to have the first harvest.  Only a handful were picked and there are still plenty left on the plants.

The next harvest I am sure will occur sometime this week either tomorrow or sometime during the weekend.  Hopefully there will be many more than the first harvest.  The first is always a small amount, but the second or third time is when you reach the peak of strawberry picking season. (more…)

First Lettuce Harvest of the Season

Today was perfect for picking lettuce leaves especially after the rain we got this past week.  The cool weather also helped them and it showed when I started harvesting the plants and how big the leaves were.  They were similar in size to my spinach leaves that were picked last month.

I probably could have picked some leaves in mid to late May if I wanted to, but I wanted to make sure that the leaves got as big as they possibly could.  Most of the plants had large lettuce leaves which were the oldest and the first ones harvested. (more…)

Transplanted Last of Tomatoes, Two Eggplants, and Five Pepper Plants

I had ten more tomatoes that were still in pots and continuing to grow, but starting to look like they were becoming pot bound.  This is something to avoid when growing indoors and since they had grown as far as they could in the containers I thought it would be best to place them in the garden right away.

I have over twenty tomato plants that are either steakhouse, Roma, or cherry tomatoes.  I should have more of the super sauce Roma plants than any of the others because I planted all 25 seeds that came in the packet and only a few of steakhouse and cherry.  Hopefully more sauce to be made this season. (more…)

Progress of Zucchini and Tomatoes

I wanted to keep you informed on the status of everything that I am growing in the garden which includes all vegetables, fruits, and flowers that I have added into the ground.  So far the only two plants that are producing include the zucchini and tomatoes.  They just happen to be the first of the season and soon I will have beans, cucumbers, cantaloupes, and many more with flowers.

The blueberries are on their way to harvest time with just some more sun they will soon be ready to be picked.  It doesn’t look like I have as much as I did last year, but I still think I will have a descent harvest for 2014.  While the blueberries are getting started the strawberries are finally winding down for now.  With a little care they will come back during the summer and at the end of the season harvest. (more…)

Transplanted Flowers, Herbs, and Some More Tomatoes

Setting flowers into the garden is best done at the same time that you are planting everything else.  Usually I tend to plant them once I get all the other vegetables and fruits set into the ground.  They will take some time to produce the blooms that you need to attract bees and insects.  The summer is where you should see them flowering and continuous blooms will come.

As previously stated I had some tomatoes grown inside after the first batch had begun sprouting or didn’t sprout.  I have added them into the garden and now I only have just a couple of more left that will soon go out probably by next week at the latest.  I also have a few more flowers that will go into the garden as well. (more…)