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Large Harvest Full of Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers, and More

This weekend was a good time to get some more fruits and vegetables from the garden. This Friday it rained pretty well and many of my plants needed it. After a rain is a good time to start picking as much as possible. Luckily I had plenty of vegetables that needed to be harvested and that is what I did between yesterday and today. (more…)

Time Has Come for Tomatoes to Change Colors

Cherry tomatoes came first and now both of my Roma and steakhouse tomatoes are now on their way to a ripening pinkish red color. There are only a few of them changing colors, but soon the rest will follow. With plenty of sunshine they will turn much faster and will be harvested earlier. (more…)

Today Was a Day Filled with New Harvests

There were two different harvests today that I was hoping to accomplish either yesterday or today.  Luckily it was a good day and I was able to harvest the first pole beans and cherry tomatoes of the season. (more…)

Using Sweet Onions for the Winter Months

I just started removing my onions from the totes they grew in and I am now beginning to dry them out.  The plants were beginning to fall over and this is the sign that it is time for them to be removed and placed in a hot sunny spot to dry out. (more…)

Getting the Most Lettuce Leaves Harvested

It was a busy day today with many transplants going into the garden including alyssum, amaranthus, calendula, marigolds, statice, cosmos, queen Anne’s lace, wildflowers, and even corn flowers.  I also had a busy day Thursday picking all the lettuce that I could. (more…)

Starting Tilling of Garden and Planting First Corn Seeds

It is pretty much the month of May once this day is over and that means it is time for tilling.  This obviously depends on the weather and normally I plan to till the garden in the month of May, but usually not the first day of the month.  This year was a little bit different and I wanted to start as soon as possible. (more…)

Cleaning Up the Garden with Two More Watermelons Picked

Well I decided that today was a good day to start cleaning up the garden and start removing all my corn stalks, sunflowers, and many vine plants such as cucumbers and cantaloupes.  I like to do this before the cold weather and temperatures arrive.

I also did pick a couple of watermelons today that were finally ready after a couple of months of growing.  There is still one more which I plan on picking in the next couple of weeks hopefully.  Once I pick the last melon then it should be time for picking my fall crop. (more…)

The First Two Eggplants Harvested

I just harvested the first two eggplants of the season today.  I think this is the earliest that I have ever harvested these vegetables.  Normally I get them in early September to late August at best.  This time I was able to pick them in mid-August which means that I can enjoy them much sooner.

I also harvested many more fruits and vegetables some of which I have been picking for quite awhile.  Cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, and some peppers are also on the list for harvesting today. (more…)