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Week of Rain with Many Harvests to Make up for

I just spent about a week inside due to the weather that gave us plenty of wind and rain. I was able to pick what needed to be harvested before the storm, but I had many things that were ready during the end of this week. Today I took the time to pick everything that was ready for harvesting. This will include pumpkins, beans, an eggplant, peppers, and some tomatoes. (more…)

Time Has Come for Tomatoes to Change Colors

Cherry tomatoes came first and now both of my Roma and steakhouse tomatoes are now on their way to a ripening pinkish red color. There are only a few of them changing colors, but soon the rest will follow. With plenty of sunshine they will turn much faster and will be harvested earlier. (more…)

Spinach, Pea, Radish, and Celery Seeds Into the Ground

This week is supposed to be cool, but with high enough temperatures that I can start planting most of my cool weather seeds.  I still have to plant the last of my seed potatoes and transplant my lettuce into the garden, but getting these four seeds into the garden is a big chunk of the cool weather season. (more…)

Early Tilling for Spring Plants and Seeds

I got some tilling done yesterday which is mainly for the spring plants that I will be placing outside.  Lettuce is one of those plants and the rest are going to be from seed.  I will plant seeds of peas, radish, celery, and potatoes. (more…)

Biggest Watermelon Picked Along with Kale, Peppers, and More

Getting the most out of the garden is the most important part of gardening.  This season I think I did just that with all the fruits and vegetables that I have picked and still harvesting.  With the largest watermelon that I have ever grown I think I have definitely accomplished my objective.

I don’t have much vegetables left except for mainly my fall crops.  I have been picking my kale lately and they are growing very large leaves which will make for some great kale soup this winter.  I have been making sure to store them in order to use them later. (more…)

The Last Summer Harvests of 2016

It is that time of the year where the harvests are getting smaller and smaller and cleanup of most of the garden will commence.  I still have a few melons, tomatoes, and eggplants still growing, but for the most part they will not be that big of a harvest.

The good news is that now we are going into the fall where my broccoli, cabbage, and kale can thrive in the cool weather.  I will be soon starting to pick harvests from them.  I will give them another month before I actually start thinking about harvesting them. (more…)

The Last Large Harvest of Pole Beans

It looks like most of my garden plants are winding down and no longer producing any more flowers or fruits.  My tomatoes are probably the last plants that are still growing fruit and I think I have just a few more harvests from them.

My bean plants are pretty much done for the season and today I just picked the last large harvest of pole beans.  It wasn’t as big as past years, but it is definitely a good amount to store over the winter. (more…)

Cutting the First Honeydew Melon

This year I decided on trying something somewhat new that I haven’t grown before.  This season I wanted to try out honeydew melons along with watermelon and cantaloupes.  I have been growing cantaloupes and watermelons every year, but this year I wanted to add a different melon into the mix.

I picked my honeydew melon a few days ago and left it in the fridge because I do not like eating warm fruit.  I would say that it only takes about a day for the fruit to become cold enough to eat.  Today I decided on finally cutting the melon and see what is inside. (more…)

The First Two Eggplants Harvested

I just harvested the first two eggplants of the season today.  I think this is the earliest that I have ever harvested these vegetables.  Normally I get them in early September to late August at best.  This time I was able to pick them in mid-August which means that I can enjoy them much sooner.

I also harvested many more fruits and vegetables some of which I have been picking for quite awhile.  Cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, and some peppers are also on the list for harvesting today. (more…)