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Time Has Come for Tomatoes to Change Colors

Cherry tomatoes came first and now both of my Roma and steakhouse tomatoes are now on their way to a ripening pinkish red color. There are only a few of them changing colors, but soon the rest will follow. With plenty of sunshine they will turn much faster and will be harvested earlier. (more…)

Small Harvest with Cucumbers and a Few More Zucchinis

I picked one cucumber this past Saturday, but I knew I would be picking more today so I decided to wait to write a post until I picked all the cucumbers that were ready. I also had some more zucchinis that were at the right size and decided to pick them as well. (more…)

Flowers, Vegetables, and Fruits Coming Soon

It looks like I will be harvesting some fruits and vegetables soon in addition to the ones that I have already been picking.  So far blueberries, lettuce, and peas have been harvested and most of my Spring crop is all but finished.  I have picked a third harvest of blueberries and still more bushes need to be picked. (more…)

Looking Towards Harvesting Fruits and Vegetables

So far things are going good and plants are beginning to produce some food including both fruits and vegetables.  There are some tomatoes and zucchini that are beginning to show themselves.  These are the only two plants that will most likely start the summer harvesting season. (more…)

Cantaloupe, Tomatoes, and Zucchini Picked

I was looking forward to picking the first melon of the year and I thought that it was going to be one of my cantaloupes.  I was hoping that my honeydew would be ready by this week, but instead one of my cantaloupes had disconnected from the plant meaning that it is ready for harvesting.

I also picked some more steakhouse, Roma, and cherry tomatoes.  I did not pick as many cherry tomatoes as my previous harvests, but at least I got a few Romas to make up for it. (more…)

Time To Make Tomato Sauce with Roma Tomatoes

I collected quite a bit of tomatoes today including Roma tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to pick enough to make tomato sauce, but in the end I ended up picking plenty for this.  I also picked over 100 cherry tomatoes again and I am looking forward to eating them.

I also picked a few more cucumbers, beans, zucchini, and more peppers today.  I am hoping to soon pick my first honeydew melon sometime this month. (more…)

Removing Cucumbers and Beans From the Vines

Today was a hot day with many things to do.  I had some zucchini that needed to be picked along with other vegetables that were big enough to pick.  I am mainly waiting on my tomatoes, but I will save that for later.

My beans had been doing quite well and I thought that some of them needed to be harvested right away.  If they went too long they would just make good pods for saving seeds.  This wouldn’t be so bad since that is what I did last season. (more…)

Growing Progress of Pumpkins, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and More

Just wanted to write a short post about the progress of many of my plants that include zucchini, pumpkins, tomatoes, cucumbers, and even my watermelons.  I am also going to be discussing my beans that are finally starting to produce as well as eggplants starting to flower.

Today I did happen to pick up another zucchini which makes this the second zucchini to be harvested this year.  Other vegetables and fruits will be picked very soon once they begin to mature and ripen. (more…)