Author: Eric Fernandes

The Top Insect Pests in America

Insects may not cause as much damage as animals do, but they can be more troublesome because you may not see them and they could potentially carry diseases infecting your plants. Since there are many insects that could harm your

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Keeping Animals out of Your Organic Garden

As bad as insects can be in any backyard garden animals are much worse and are capable of ruining an entire crop of plants. They can easily and quickly consume all the leaves on your plants leaving you with nothing

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Growing Mouth Watering Melons

Melons are one of the best fruits for any summertime barbecue or cookout. They are a little bit more difficult to grow, but with a little bit of knowledge you too can enjoy their sweet juicy flavor. There are many

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Growing Crispy Lettuce Leaves

One of the best things about lettuce is its ability to tolerate heat which is very different from spinach plants that will usually bolt during a warm spell. There are many things you can do with lettuce including making a

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How To Produce Dark Green Spinach Leaves

One of the healthier plants that you can start growing in the garden would be spinach plants. It is loaded with many essential nutrients that humans need including vitamin A, B2, iron, calcium, and even some protein. The darker the

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