What is Organic Gardening?

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My Organic Garden

If you are looking to start your very own garden you would most likely create one that is based around organic gardening. This type of cultivation is becoming more popular today than ever before. This is due to the many poisons and chemicals that are being used on much of the food that we eat. In essence, organic gardening is the utilizing of organic methods to produce a harvest full of vegetables, fruits, and ornamentals without the use of harmful and dangerous chemicals.

Eliminating the Use of Pesticides

One of the great things about using organic gardening methods is that you don’t have to waste your time or your health by spraying pesticides and herbicides all over your crops. You also have many other options when it comes to eliminating insects and parasites throughout your yard. For every harmful insect there are many other good parasites that feed on these to help keep their populations in check. When using pesticides you are eliminating all the beneficial ones that would help in reducing damage to your harvest.

For instance, aphids are usually never a problem in any garden because there are several insects and larvae that feed on these pests. Lady beetles and their larvae are just two that feed on them keeping their damage to a minimum. There are many more beneficial insects on this planet than there are harmful ones and using organic methods in your garden can help keep beneficial populations high.

The Use of Organic Fertilizers

Bone Meal and Neptune Harvest

Organic Fertilizers

The other important aspect of organic gardening is making sure that you feed your plants using the appropriate fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizers used by most large farms can be very harmful to your plants and the environment. There are many types of organic fertilizers that you can use to increase the health and vitality of your plants. This includes amendments such as manure, compost, bone meal, lime, and even organic mulches.

Anything that comes from nature is usually something that you can use on all your plants. Another great fertilizer that is often used for a quick infusion of minerals is fish and seaweed emulsion. This can be used for just about anything and it is a great way to keep your plants healthy and can even increase the size of your harvest. Using the right type is how you can make the most out of these simple to use fertilizers.

Using These Methods for Yourself

Growing your very own organic garden can easily benefit you, your family, the environment, and your community. There are almost endless reasons that you should start your very own garden immediately. Using these strategies for yourself will most definitely help you in producing the healthiest and most delicious food for you and your family. Hurry up and learn everything you can about organic gardening and get start right away!

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