Author: Eric Fernandes

Start Planting Onions in Totes Today For Your Best Harvest of the Season

I have discovered one of the best ways to planting onions would be to use large totes rather than planting them in the garden. They result in much larger bulbs with a sweet long lasting taste that you can store

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Discover the Steps to Growing Sweet and Delicious Onions in Your Very Own Garden

Onions are sweet and delicious and are used in many dishes. They are mostly added for their sweet flavor and crisp taste. They are also great for storing and can last up to eight months without losing any flavor. There

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The Best Beneficial Insects You Need to Know About

As an organic gardener you will have at your disposal an army of allies that can help in preventing and reducing populations of insect pests. These predators will come in handy especially in places that you cannot see. It is

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The Top Insect Pests in America

Insects may not cause as much damage as animals do, but they can be more troublesome because you may not see them and they could potentially carry diseases infecting your plants. Since there are many insects that could harm your

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Keeping Animals out of Your Organic Garden

As bad as insects can be in any backyard garden animals are much worse and are capable of ruining an entire crop of plants. They can easily and quickly consume all the leaves on your plants leaving you with nothing

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