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Straw on Strawberries

Getting the Last of the Season Activities Completed for Next Year

I think this season was pretty good especially with plenty of lettuce in the early spring/summer along with some new additions including snow peas as well as radishes. Cherry tomatoes were plentiful as well as Roma tomatoes which led to plenty of sauces and salsas. Now it is time to clean up the garden and place straw on the appropriate plants to protect them through the cold winter. (more…)

Thanksgiving is Not The Same Without Home Grown Carrots

The very last summer plants that I harvest last are carrots.  They have been in the ground the entire summer and most of the Fall.  I like to leave them in the ground because the ground makes for a good storage area.

I have been picking some cabbage lately and a few more pieces of broccoli.  All I have left are a couple of cabbage plants and whatever broccoli I get from now until the ground freezes. (more…)

Thinning Carrots and Ruby Glow Lettuce Harvest

I have been pretty much weeding the entire garden this week and I wanted to wait until I completed that before writing another post, but instead I will give you a quick update on the garden instead.

I started with picking some of my Ruby glow lettuce earlier in the week and that was very exciting since last year I didn’t get as much as I would have liked.  The first harvest I had from them yielded me 65 leaves.  This is just short from my iceberg lettuce harvest. (more…)

Transplanting and More Seeds into Rows

The past three days have been quite busy with my plants ready for the ground and seeds that need to be planted as well.  I wanted to get most of my plants in the ground by the weekend and right now I only have a few flowers and a couple squash plants left.

Tomorrow I should finish with all my plants including planting all the seeds needed for a successful garden.  I will be planting some extra seeds of zucchini and pumpkin. (more…)

Ordering Some New Seeds for 2016

Now that it is 2016 and the garden season will soon start in another month or so I thought it would be good to buy the seeds I needed for this new year.  I have a few new things that I plan on growing this season, but nothing that I can’t handle.

I will be saving some money this year from seeds that I have saved from the previous season.  I actually saved some amaranthus seeds that came from both the green and red varieties.  As always I saved at least one ear of corn that I left on the stalk to dry and then brought it inside once it was ready. (more…)

Digging Up Carrots For Thanksgiving

It has been a while since I wrote my last post, but it has been pretty uneventful in regards to the garden.  I have been picking broccoli on a consistent basis usually two to three times per week.  At the moment I have been collecting and it seems that the cold weather is starting to get to them because they have stopped producing.

I picked some large heads this season which I am very happy about and also some small ones too.  They didn’t taste bitter which I was a little worried about in the beginning, but in the end they had the exact taste I was looking for. (more…)

Planted Some More Carrots and Picked First Pepper of the Season

I didn’t have to do much today because it started out raining and continued to rain throughout the morning and part of the afternoon.  When the weather cleared I decided on planting some more carrots.  Some seeds did not germinate when I first planted them so I placed seeds where plants did not grow.

It is common practice to grow carrots twice durring the season and this usually is done with two different rows.  I normally don’t plant carrots twice because one planting is usually enough.  This time not many seeds germinated and if I didn’t do another planting I would potentially have a low yield. (more…)

Pumpkin, Zucchini, and Cucumber Vegetables Starting to Flower

Today is just more of an update on the garden since it has been at least a week since my last post.  This week has been crazily busy especially with all the rain and the weeds growing in the garden.  I have had to work in the garden most of the week trying to remove all the weeds that I could.

All I have left to weed would be the tomatoes and some other small areas.  I will begin mulching some plants which might include corn and maybe beans.  It all depends how much mulch I am able to collect this week. (more…)

Planted Corn, Carrots, and Bean Seeds in Garden

Now temperatures are in the high 70’s and the month of May is coming to an end I thought now would be a great time to start planting bean, corn, and carrot seeds into the garden.  I could have planted them earlier in the month, but I wanted to get most of my transplants into the ground first before growing these seeds.

The good news is that these plants do not need that much time to mature except for maybe corn.  Carrots do not need that much time to complete their roots and pole beans once they start getting flowers they are pretty much all set for the season. (more…)

End of Season With Celery and Carrots Harvested

One of the last things that I needed to do was wait for the day before Thanksgiving to dig up all the carrots that had grown this season.  I usually pick them the day before so that we can have fresh carrots for dinner.  Unfortunately it had rained the day before so I wasn’t able to pick them from the soil.  I had to wait until the day of in order to dig them up.  The good news is that I was able to have them for dinner that day once they were washed and then cooked. (more…)