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Straw on Strawberries

Getting the Last of the Season Activities Completed for Next Year

I think this season was pretty good especially with plenty of lettuce in the early spring/summer along with some new additions including snow peas as well as radishes. Cherry tomatoes were plentiful as well as Roma tomatoes which led to plenty of sauces and salsas. Now it is time to clean up the garden and place straw on the appropriate plants to protect them through the cold winter. (more…)

Watermelons and the Last of the Season Harvests

I would say about now is pretty much the end of the season and all that I need to do is some cleanup for next year. This week I picked the only two watermelons that I planted and some last cherry tomatoes that are still growing. I also had a few peppers that were perfect for picking. (more…)

Time Has Come for Tomatoes to Change Colors

Cherry tomatoes came first and now both of my Roma and steakhouse tomatoes are now on their way to a ripening pinkish red color. There are only a few of them changing colors, but soon the rest will follow. With plenty of sunshine they will turn much faster and will be harvested earlier. (more…)

Fruit and Vegetable Seed Planting Indoors

It looks like that it is that time already to begin planting the main part of the garden indoors.  Starting indoors I find to be the best solution for getting ahead of the game.  Although space is limited I am still able to grow quite a bit before Spring weather arrives. (more…)

Getting Started for the New Garden Season

The Winter season went by quite fast and it is already time to begin planting indoors.  This year rather than planting spinach indoors I have decided on beginning with lettuce instead.

I still will be growing spinach, but instead of starting them indoors I will just plant them directly outside when it is time to do so.  I have also decided to plant all four types of lettuce. (more…)

Biggest Watermelon Picked Along with Kale, Peppers, and More

Getting the most out of the garden is the most important part of gardening.  This season I think I did just that with all the fruits and vegetables that I have picked and still harvesting.  With the largest watermelon that I have ever grown I think I have definitely accomplished my objective.

I don’t have much vegetables left except for mainly my fall crops.  I have been picking my kale lately and they are growing very large leaves which will make for some great kale soup this winter.  I have been making sure to store them in order to use them later. (more…)

Picking the First of My Fall Kale Crop

Now that it is October and fall is officially here it is time to start focusing on my cooler weather plants.  Today was a great day for picking kale and most of the plants had very large leaves that needed to be harvested right away.

I am pretty much done with my summer plants and again the last thing that is out there is the last watermelon that I need to pick.  I will be picking it before the weekend so make sure to check back and find out when I finally harvest this last melon. (more…)

Cleaning Up the Garden with Two More Watermelons Picked

Well I decided that today was a good day to start cleaning up the garden and start removing all my corn stalks, sunflowers, and many vine plants such as cucumbers and cantaloupes.  I like to do this before the cold weather and temperatures arrive.

I also did pick a couple of watermelons today that were finally ready after a couple of months of growing.  There is still one more which I plan on picking in the next couple of weeks hopefully.  Once I pick the last melon then it should be time for picking my fall crop. (more…)