The End of Corn, But Still More Harvests to Come

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So far I have picked plenty of cherry tomatoes, beans, and even corn over the past month. My corn is pretty much done for the season except for a couple of stragglers that will be harvested in the next couple of days or so.

I would say that a few hundred cherry tomatoes have been harvested this season. The good news is that I still have many to pick and the plants are continuing to produce more and more fruit. I just had a harvest this morning that scored just under 100.

Cherry Tomatoes

I even picked a couple of steakhouse tomatoes. One of them weighed just short of two pounds! I can’t wait to slice it up and put it on a sandwich.

Steakhouse Tomato

Some more peppers have come up and I got five of them this morning that were ready enough for harvesting. There are still plenty more on all my plants and plan to keep on harvesting as long into the fall as possible.

Five Green Peppers

I picked the first eggplant today and although it is a little bit smaller than I would like I still can do something with it. I have a couple more growing outside and I could wait for those to be harvested before using the one I got today.

First Eggplant 2017

I only got a small harvest of beans today and since my vines seem to be winding down I don’t think I will be getting any large harvests for the rest of the season.

Pole Bean Harvest

I would expect my cantaloupes to be ready pretty soon now that they are in the process of putting webbing around the fruit. I don’t think I will be picking them this month and probably in September I should be harvesting most of them.


Cucumbers are also done for the season, but I may have one or two pickles left to harvest which means they are not completely done yet.