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Straw on Strawberries

Getting the Last of the Season Activities Completed for Next Year

I think this season was pretty good especially with plenty of lettuce in the early spring/summer along with some new additions including snow peas as well as radishes. Cherry tomatoes were plentiful as well as Roma tomatoes which led to plenty of sauces and salsas. Now it is time to clean up the garden and place straw on the appropriate plants to protect them through the cold winter. (more…)

Week of Rain with Many Harvests to Make up for

I just spent about a week inside due to the weather that gave us plenty of wind and rain. I was able to pick what needed to be harvested before the storm, but I had many things that were ready during the end of this week. Today I took the time to pick everything that was ready for harvesting. This will include pumpkins, beans, an eggplant, peppers, and some tomatoes. (more…)

Small Harvest with Cucumbers and a Few More Zucchinis

I picked one cucumber this past Saturday, but I knew I would be picking more today so I decided to wait to write a post until I picked all the cucumbers that were ready. I also had some more zucchinis that were at the right size and decided to pick them as well. (more…)

Looking Towards Harvesting Fruits and Vegetables

So far things are going good and plants are beginning to produce some food including both fruits and vegetables.  There are some tomatoes and zucchini that are beginning to show themselves.  These are the only two plants that will most likely start the summer harvesting season. (more…)

Frost Officially Ended Summer Season

Just recently we received a small to light frost that ended the season for most of my summer plants.  I did have only a few harvests of the last peppers and one eggplant.  Now that we have had many consecutive days of cold weather the plants are now gone except for cabbage, broccoli, and kale. (more…)

Picking the First of My Fall Kale Crop

Now that it is October and fall is officially here it is time to start focusing on my cooler weather plants.  Today was a great day for picking kale and most of the plants had very large leaves that needed to be harvested right away.

I am pretty much done with my summer plants and again the last thing that is out there is the last watermelon that I need to pick.  I will be picking it before the weekend so make sure to check back and find out when I finally harvest this last melon. (more…)

Its Time to Start Planting Fall Seeds for an October Harvest

Now that it is the end of July and the month of August is upon us it is time to start planting seeds for a good October harvest.  That is what I have done today with the planting of kale, cabbage, and broccoli.

I decided to plant an equal amount of seeds using small black containers.  I should have eight plants of each if all the seeds sprout in the next couple of weeks.  This is all I need for a good harvest. (more…)

Growing Progress of Pumpkins, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and More

Just wanted to write a short post about the progress of many of my plants that include zucchini, pumpkins, tomatoes, cucumbers, and even my watermelons.  I am also going to be discussing my beans that are finally starting to produce as well as eggplants starting to flower.

Today I did happen to pick up another zucchini which makes this the second zucchini to be harvested this year.  Other vegetables and fruits will be picked very soon once they begin to mature and ripen. (more…)

First Zucchini of the Season and More Lettuce Picked

So far I have been picking lettuce both Ruby glow and iceberg, but today I finally got to pick something new for the season.  The very first zucchini of 2016 was recorded this morning in my gardening journal.  It weighed three pounds and looks to be used within the next couple of days.

I also picked the most amount of leaves this morning from my iceberg lettuce patch.  My Ruby glow hybrid looks like it is going to seed very soon.  It is not surprising since these plants do not like the heat and it has been very warm for them over the past couple of weeks. (more…)